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I thought that the question of who I am, what kinds of things I liked or didn’t like to do, and what kinds of things I wanted to learn was firmly established. My pattern was set and I didn’t expect it to change. I had a set of rules that defined “Iain” and didn’t imagine there would ever be a need to change them. Naturally, I was completely wrong…this is a story about how I learned I actually wanted things to be different and the changes that followed. (more…)

Book Review: Jackdaws

Posted By on October 20, 2013

I only occasionally read historical fiction1. However, a new friend spoke well of Ken Follet so I grabbed a sampling of his books from our public library to try. I started with Jackdaws which is set in 1944, primarily in Nazi-occupied France. It turned out to be an excellent read, and the only thing preventing me from reading it in one sitting yesterday was that I had other things I had to get done2.


  1. If anything, I lean more toward “what if” historical fiction which goes hand in hand with time travel and alternate universe fiction. :)
  2. For example, making peanut butter cookies. I still haven’t made them yet…

Thanksgiving “Reunion”

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Last Saturday and Sunday (November 26th), Rachel, Nell and I celebrated Thanksgiving with my Aunt Pat, her children and grandchildren. It was a really great visit but way too short. Normally, I drag my feet about traveling of any kind, but this was a very special case, because I hadn’t been in the same place has my Aunt and cousin(s) since I was about 2 or 3 years old…

Book Review: Tritcheon Hash

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Tritcheon Hash isn’t actually my kind of book. I’m certain this is a case where what I think is cool and what the author, Sue Lange, thinks is cool, doesn’t match up. We have different tastes in humor or I don’t actually know the right cultural references to get some of the humor. There is a well-executed and subtle pun I particularly enjoyed. Be careful–it is liable to sneak past you!

Book Review: The Day Lasts More than a Hundred Years

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I like sampling fiction, particularly science fiction or fantasy, from other cultures than my own. However, I rarely have any idea how to identify or select works that would interest me. So when a Hungarian acquaintance recommended the Russian author, Chingiz Aitmatov, and his book The Day Lasts More than a Hundred Years, I wasted no time tracking down a copy I could read. My thanks to the Inter-Library Loan system and Pickler Memorial Library for loan of the book. An enjoyable read but not at all what I expected…

Questionable Content, Volume 1 (Book/Webcomic Review)

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There are many webcomics available on the web and while I’ve tried many of them, there are only four that I’ve liked, and only two of those that I read regularly. Questionable Content (QC) is one of those two. I love reading this comic. I love enough that I was eager to purchase both of the printed collections. (more…)

Book Review: The Demon’s Apprentice

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Many teenagers’ worries involve grades, sweethearts, and their successes or failures in extra-curricular activities. Not so for Chance Fortunato, unless peddling under-the-table black magick counts as an extra-curricular activity. “Apprenticed” (sold to) to a demon at a young age, he’s more worried about incurring his master’s wrath and the state of his soul than whether he’ll “make the team”. (more…)

Credits, Kudos, Thank Yous

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When I posted earlier, I was too excited and neglected to give proper thanks. Several people have helped me along the way:



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I have the most amazing news today. I mentioned in previous post that I had learned that my father passed away in 2009, and that I was going to call the funeral home on Monday. With such great result, I had relay those results to you at my earliest opportunity.


Estranged Family II

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Several months ago I blogged about not knowing much about my father (or his family)1, whom I hadn’t had any contact with since I was three years old. Since then, I’ve been seeking a way to make contact with my father and/or his family. Eleven days ago, all that I had was my father’s name (which I didn’t have precisely right), my grandmother’s married name, and an aunt’s first name. However, I’ve learned a great deal in the past ten days. Yesterday, I finally learned definitively2 where my father is.

  1. That can be read here: Estranged Family
  2. By definitively, I actually mean a collection of facts sifted from records and makes me 99% confident.